Term IV
The Roman Army


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If you REALLY find the Roman Army interesting check out the PowerPoint presentation complied by a Recreation society in Newcastle

Roman Battle Elephant

Roman Battle Elephant

Roman Legion

Roman Legion

Now look at the information below.
You must select ONE of the 4 different choices this term :

Time :
These 4 activities are set roughly during the Dacian campaign
of the Emperor Trajan. (1st Century AD)
(It was a very very strong period for Roman forces)

You have a choice of 1 task from the 4 options.
Task 1 is about weapons and armour
Task 2 is about doctors and medicine
Tasks 3 and 4 are to do with the military (soldiers and

Task 1

You are the senior Roman Army Armourer.
a) Describe some of the different types of weapons and armour used by the Romans
b) What materials were used in the making of these weapons? ( Note that blacksmithing techniques did not really
change until the 19th Century AD!!! )
c) Explain to a new apprentice the way Roman weapons and armour are made.
d) Also tell why each weapon is designed in this particular way.
e) Give the apprentice a simple task to test his skill
f) Show in a series of 6 diagrams, clearly labelled, the items you were referring to earlier.
relief showing blacksmith

relief showing blacksmith

soundbyte from Young Frankenstein
If you select this option, here are some links and information you can look at.
Or you can search elsewhere if you wish!!!

Making a Roman Sword
A site explaining the steps required making a Roman sword

http://library.thinkquest.org/J002979F/roman.htm roman weapons

Roman Weapons and Armour


Roman Weapons and Tactics

Roman Weapons

Roman Weapons


Roman weapons


Roman armour


Roman Military Equipment


headings include
Overview of infantry
Personal weapons
Torso armour


Weapons and Catapults

Task 2
You are an old doctor (uulnerarius) serving with the Roman army.
a) Explain to your young trainee doctor what type of injuries the Roman soldiers experienced.
b) Then tell how these wounds are treated.
c) Why do you think has a modern (20th century) historian described the Roman army as the best treated
(for injuries and wounds) till the US Civil War ?
d) Go through your special inventory of medical equipment, drugs and medicines and telll the trainee about the
medication and any information you have about it
e) Show in a series of 6 diagrams, clearly labelled, the surgical items you were referring to earlier.

If you select this option, here are some links and information you can look at.
Or you can search elsewhere if you wish!!!

see external image msword.png Roman medicine.doc

external image msword.png Roman Medicine 2.doc

external image msword.png Medicines and Treatments.doc

http://www.unrv.com/culture/roman-medicine.php Roman medicine

Roman Scalpels

Roman Scalpels

http://www.crystalinks.com/romemedicine.html surgery in Rome

medicine in Ancient Rome

http://www.dl.ket.org/latin1/mores/medicine/ Roman Medicine

http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/7-2-2004-56166.asp More Roman medicine


Etruscan and Roman Medicine

Task 3
You are an old centurion.
a) You are addressing a group of new recruits to the legion.
b) Detail the reasons for the basic pack and supplies carried by each soldier.
c) Outline the daily duties of a soldier
d) Explain to them the traditions of your particular legion, especially your “Eagle”
e) Show in a series of 6 diagrams, clearly labelled, the items of equipment you were referring to earlier

aquilifer standard bearer

aquilifer standard bearer

Task 4
You are an old senior general
a) You are addressing a group of new young officers to your army
b) Explain the role of the different officers in the Roman army .
c) Describe the different sections of a Roman army at this time.
E.g. infantry, cavalry, artillery etc .
d) Include the importance of the "Eagle" and past campaigns
e) What different enemies have the Romans met and conquered?
f) Show in a series of 6 diagrams, clearly labelled, some of the things you have described earlier.

If you select either of these options, here are some links and information you can look at.
Or you can search elsewhere if you wish!!!

This is a document with a list of Roman Army Types you may find
helpfulexternal image msword.png Roman Army Unit types.doc

For information ,here are some more interesting sites I have found for you :
BBC students’ interactive site
Lots of great Links

See You See Me: Romans in Scotland
Take a tour of a Roman fort and a Caledonian village or compare Roman soldiers to Caledonian warriors.
This site generates awareness of the early Scots who encountered the Romans and includes an interactive
Roman invasion map.

BBC History: Archaeology and Ancient History: The Romans
What did the Romans ever do for us? A snapshot of life on Hadrian’s wall, Roman mosaics and recipes along with
other insights into Roman life in Britain.

BBC History: Birth of a Nation: The Romans in Scotland
Why wasn't Scotland conquered by the Romans?

For "Life in the Roman Army" see
The Roman Army Roman Army
Roman Empire :Ancient Voices :Soldiers Ancient Voices :Soldiers
The Mighty Roman Empire Roman Legions
The Roman Army I Roman Army I
The Roman Army II Roman Army II

http://www.vroma.org/~bmcmanus/romanarmy.html Here is another one on The Roman army

http://www.roman-empire.net/ an illustrated history of Rome -Home Page
Chapters include:
  • Early Republic
  • Late Republic
  • The Army
  • Interactive Maps include Roman Italy
  • ” ” The Empire
  • ” ” The City of Rome
http://www.roman-empire.net/army/army.html Roman army
http://www.roman-empire.net/army/tactics.html Army Tactics

And when you have finished your assignment ,for fun......

Fling the teacher on a trebuchet - Roman quiz

http://www.profeasy.com/StruggleForRome/html/sfr_04.html an interactive game -like Risk